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Mario's Peruvian

Recently, I documented my trip to Peru, where I enjoyed an array of delicious foods. In fact, I was hankering for some good ol’ American grub when I got back. It was not long, however, until the siren’s song lured me towards a craving for the savory enticements of Peruvian cuisine.

Enter Mario’s Peruvian Seafood, located in Los Angeles. Without a doubt, this is the best Peruvian that I have had in the United States. Tucked away in a shopping center on Melrose, you do not go to Mario’s for the atmosphere. The décor is nonexistent, and the line is sometimes long to get in (no reservations).

However, the food is divine. This time, we decided to order the Lomo Saltado and the Jalea Mariscos (I can’t stay away from fried seafood!). They also have chicha morado, which is a sweet, purple corn drink that is served everywhere in Peru. It is non-alcoholic, and actually pretty healthy. Also, quite tasty!

The lomo saltado is a classic Peruvian dish created with strips of lean beef, tomatoes, onions, and French fries. It is a nod to the Chinese immigrants that have settled Peru and integrated their culture within the country, and the molding of the two cultures. It is a simple stir-fry dish, served with a side of white rice. Mario’s version of this classic is delicious, with a lot of smoky flavor, and a perfect amount of soy sauce.

The jalea marisco is amazing! Jalea marisco is a mixed fried seafood platter, which commonly includes shrimp, calamari, octopus, and a fish underneath it all. All of this is settled into a rich lemon butter sauce, and topped with an onion and tomato mix. Sounds amazing, right? It is a nirvana of seafood, and if prepared correctly, is not at all greasy. Mario’s version of this dish is not greasy, and the red snapper found at the bottom of all of that seafood is the best part. Flaky, tender, and full of the delicious lemon sauce, I usually dig it out rather than eat my way to the bottom. Did I mention that the portions here are enormous?

If you’ve never tried Peruvian cuisine, do it! It is some of the best cooking in the world, and one of the best places to get it is Mario’s!

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