Monday, July 9, 2012

Tandoori Hut

Many of my regular readers are probably well aware of my obsession with Indian food. It might just be my favorite food! When I first moved here, I was pretty disheartened by the lack of good Indian places to get my fix. However, as I’ve explored San Diego more, I’ve found a few very good places to get my curry on.

However, it wasn’t until I moved away from Hillcrest that Tandoori Hut was opened. I still go to Hillcrest quite a bit, even though I don’t live there, and decided that we should try out the new Indian place for lunch.

The inside is very clean with no fuss – you won’t see a bellydancer with a snake in this place – the food is the focus. Tandoori Hut offers a buffet, but when given the option, I usually go for the freshly prepared menu items. However, a buffet is an excellent option for those that like to try a bit of everything, or those who are new to Indian cuisine.

I was delighted to open the menu and see that they have samosas! I love samosas. I can’t really think of too many things that are so comforting in food as biting into a crisp fritter stuffed with seasoned potatoes and peas. My friend introduced me to these a long, long time ago, and I’ve been hooked ever since. There is also a meat variety, but I prefer the vegetarian version.

Back to my review, these samosas were huge! I was a bit intimidated by the size, but since I haven’t had one in awhile, I was determined to eat my share. They were light and not at all greasy (hard for a food that is deep-fried), but the potato mixture had very little in terms of spice or flavor. While these were enjoyable enough, I really wish that they had racheted the seasoning up a notch or two.

Our entrees came out before we had finished the enormous samosas. I ordered my favorite, saag paneer, which is slowly simmered spinach and greens with curry, served with squares of homemade farmer’s cheese. I love this dish even when it’s executed poorly, but this version was on the money! The creamy spinach was a great texture, and the spices were delicious with the soft cheese. Comfort food at its most healthy!

My husband ordered his favorite, chicken korma. A great introductory dish, kormas combine a rich, creamy sauce with not too much spice with chicken cutlets. However, do not mistake this dish for being bland; it is actually quite rife with flavor, and this version did not disappoint, with plenty of saucy sauce in which to dip the cheese naan (!).

Way to go Hillcrest! Let’s keep this place in business!

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