Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Voyou Wine Bar

If you live in or near Hillcrest, you know that it is full of great wine bars. Having tried most of them, we decided that it was high time to try out the new kid in town, Voyou. Facing some stiff competition from the likes of Jakes and Wine Encounter nearby, Voyou makes its way by combining a small yet impressive list of wines, great service, and delicious food.
The decor is a simple black and white, but very elegant and clean-looking. Sitting on the patio, sipping a Goats do Roam South African rose, I felt 10 times more sophisticated and cool. My happy hour companions and I were a bit hungry, and after much deliberation over the menu (everything sounded yummy!), we ordered one of their flatbreads.

Just which flatbread? I'm obsessed, obsessed (!) with proscuitto these days, and a proscuitto and goat cheese flat bread sounded too good to pass up. Never trifle with the goat cheese. Goat cheese will make anything delicious. It's just science.

The flatbread was delicious, and was plenty for a party of three. The goat cheese, while not the most photogenic, was wonderful and creamy, with just a bit of salty pungence. The flatbread itself was nice and soft, with just a bit of crunch from the stone oven.

I will definitely return for some more wine and yummy bites!!!

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