Monday, September 10, 2012

ART San Diego 2012 Wrap up

Did you make it to Art San Diego? It was gorgeous, glorious, and completely enriching. I have to say, it's one of the things that I most look forward to in San Diego. The breadth and vision of the artists is nothing less than breathtaking, and every piece is thought-provoking. This post is best enjoyed with a glass of good wine or cup of coffee.


Check out the furniture designs by Michael Leaf.

More amazing designs....

A building full of dreams....

Local artist Dani Dodge was probably my favorite. Aren't these paintings behind window panes and bars incredible? She states that her inspirations for these pieces were from found objects, as well as the concept of people not knowing their neighbors and what goes on behind closed doors. Love it!

This print reminds me of As You Like It.

I love the irreverent spirit of these paintings.

My husband's favorite.

Gorgeous Chinese artwork. Check out the 3-D paintings below!

More wonderful work by Dani Dodge.

Patterns by Lexington Garrick.

These Argentinian paintings stopped me in my tracks. So much depth, and I love the use of color!

If you didn't go this year, I highly recommend taking in this event next year. Even the art that was not my personal taste told a story, and was thought-provoking. I can't say enough what a wonderful event that Art San Diego is, and urge everyone to go, enjoy the art, and chat with the artists!
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