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Pura Vida Tequila Tasting

Hi folks! I have been so busy that I've been doubling up on events! Please welcome guest contributor, Anna, to discuss the Pura Vida Tequila tasting event! Anna has been writing about food for quite some time (and eating her entire life!), so I'm super excited to have her be part of this blog!  Thanks again, Anna!!!

The Pura Vida tequila tasting event took place outdoor patio seating of El Vitral.

The founder of Pura Vida, Stewart Skloss (seen on the right), and his team created this event to introduce their line of high end tequila to the States.

The Pura Vida product line consists of triple-distilled blue agave tequila made with a five stage purification system. This method creates wonderful tasting tequila without additives (that not only tastes bad, but can make hangovers feel a lot worse).

To give you a little inside, I don’t think I’m an expert at alcohol, but I know what I like and I’m always willing to try something new. I love my scotch neat, wines full bodied, stout beers, and hard alcohol straight with no chasers. But I still love and appreciate a good mixed drink because they add another dimension to the alcohol depending on the abilities of the bartender. Anyways, that is enough about my background, let’s move onto the alcohol!

Initially, I came in expecting a slight burn all the way down like the other high end brands or a harsh burn like the lower end brands. However, this tequila was very different, but in a good way. The aftertaste was great because there was no bad after taste! I didn’t even make the I-just-took-a-shot-of-straight-alcohol squint with my tongue sticking out in disgust. There was no burn and only a warm feeling on the way down! I didn’t even know that was possible with tequila. It’s always been, as my friend would say: “I hate the taste, but love the burn”. Only at the very end of multiple drinks did I feel a slight burn, but that burn was insignificant compared to drinking other tequilas.

The silver tequila was very comparable to or better than other brands in price and quality. I really enjoyed the nice agave flavor and the warm finish.

The gold tequila was delicious as well. I loved the slightly sweet and peppered flavor as well as the light tasting finish.

The añejo tequila was my favorite due to my love for whiskeys. I loved the flavor the bourbon barrels added to the tequila. This had a nice forefront with the flavors of what you would expect from good tequila, but had a surprising aftertaste of bourbon that added a wonderful smooth and spicy finish.

The drinks crafted from this tequila were created that day from the bartenders at El Vitral. The two bartenders in charge of designing the drinks were: Curtis Woods and Harrison Elkins.

The first mixed drink was a skinny margarita made with lime juice and agave nectar. This drink was surprisingly very light and refreshing without the typical overly sweet taste normal margaritas have. Stewart mentioned this is very similar to their Pura Vida Rita Zero margarita mix, which makes me very curious to try a mix that is this refreshing without the sweet and tangy sick-to-your-stomach taste that I’m used to experiencing.

  The photo strip below is of Curtis Woods creating the final mixed drink of the night. The drink uses the añejo tequila, bitters, and grapefruit peel heated with a lighter.

I loved this drink because it incorporated flavors that enhanced the flavor of the tequila while complimenting the bourbon very well. I almost could not stop drinking this one. Not only did it taste good, but it was very entertaining watching Curtis make the drink, especially during the moment when he lights the grapefruit peel on fire.

Overall, the Pura Vida tequila tasting was amazing. The tequila was ridiculously smooth and the incorporation of the three different types of tequilas in each drink was enticing and delicious. Each drink accented the flavors of the tequila with a perfect balance of flavors. This event helped me find my new go-to tequila.

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