Friday, September 14, 2012

Taste of Old Town and Tequila Trail

Taste of Old Town was deliciousness! I wasn't sure what to expect, since I had never been to a Taste of Old Town before, but it was lots of fun. We started by listening to some female mariachis playing near the ticket booth.

I loved these gals. I felt bad for them being out in the heat with those costumes, but they kept on rocking!

Next, we hit up the gorgeous Cosmopolitan for duck tacos!!!!!! You guys know how much I love duck, and this was amazing. 

Isn't the dining area gorgeous? 
And the tequila! There were tequila tasting stations at every stop. I admit, I only sipped each one, since I'm not good with shots of tequila, but what a treat! (Well, except for the first one, which was Cointreau.)


Our next stop was El Fandango, where we were greeted with these gorgeous bottles of flavored Charro tequila! I went for the kiwi, while my husband went for the blackberry. Yummy! I'd love to use these in  some fruity cocktails. 

Delicious taquitos and chips!

More music at Casa de Reyes

And delicious pork and rice!!!

Two tequilas were being served at La Pinata, and check out the cool bottles! Apocalypto and Flashbang! 

Seriously, those are little bottles of tequila!
Casa Guadalajara featured a nice little beef and rice taco.

And Milagro cocktails!

I can't resist these little chicken poppers from Fred's Mexican

Coyote Cafe upped the ante by providing tickets for the taco bar and a free margarita! 

Lovely bottles for Pura Vida tequila. The tequila was quite smooth.

Finally, a San Diego classic, honey-glazed wings from Miguel's! The wings were a surprising and delicious departure from the many yummy tacos and chips! 

I can't wait to go back next year!!!!
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