Saturday, October 27, 2012

Miguel's Cocina

Lately, I've been on a Mexican food kick. Maybe it's the cooler weather making me desire the hearty meats and delicious, garlicky sauces, but I seem to to always be in the mood for some tortillas and cheese (but when am I not?). 

Miguel's Cocina is a San Diego classic Mexican kitchen with locations all over San Diego county. It's great, because there's always one nearby. We went to the 4S location, located in a quaint shopping area of 4S Ranch. The decor is so pretty and modern in this location, with high ceilings and lots of purple! 

One of the best things about eating at Miguel's is their chips, salsa, and white jalapeno sauce! Seriously, I could put this white cheese and jalapeno sauce on everything, and eat happily for the rest of my life! I just love it! 

We took our time deciding what we wanted to eat -- everything just looked good! Finally, we settled on the enchiladas suizas and the carnitas. Our food came out very, very quickly, and restraining ourselves, we took a couple of pics and dug in! 

The carnitas were simply amazing. Tender, tender chunks of braised pork slowly cooked to perfection, with delicious seasoning. I usually find carnitas to have a very "wet" texture, but these were simply sublime. 

They were paired with tasty beans and rice on the side, which were delicious! One of my favorite parts of Mexican dining is the inclusion of these yummy sides!

The enchiladas suizas were stupendous! Delicious seasoned chicken wrapped up in a tortilla topped 
with a tangy verde sauce. The sauce had a nice, slightly vinegar bite, and was a nice consistency to spread over the enchilada, and the sour cream on top really took it to the next level. Served with more of those yummy beans and rice, I couldn't stop eating! 

I can't wait to return and sample some more of their delicious food! 
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