Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Most Interesting Food Truck Coming to San Diego!

With a menu that features everything from Octopus Tostadas to Samosa and Paella, Dos Equis is partnering with popular food trucks nationwide to take visitors on an adventurous tasting journey through the lens of local favorites. San Diego’s culinary creations are being developed by MIHO Gastrotruck, and will feature:·        

  • Octopus Tostada – Hailing from puebla, “mole” means to grind and stir. It takes hours to combine the dozens of ingredients in our mole negro. We top it with chopped Octopus, epazote crema, cotija and serve it on our house fried tostada.·        
  • Samosa – Originally concocted in open campfires along the Middle East / India trade routes, our take on the fried pastry is stuffed with wild caught prawn and a mixture of peas, carrot, onion, potato and Indian Spices—topped with a dollop of fresh mint chutney.·        
  • Paella – If there is one food that could capture the bravado and complexity of Spain, it would be their signature dish. We slowly stew our Bomba rice with wild rabbit, fresh mussels, spicy chorizo, and spiced with saffron.
The food truck will travel to throughout San Diego from October 3-13 and give consumers FREE lunches over those 10 days (no strings attached!). Consumers can follow and check the Dos Equis Twitter handle @DosEquis for exact locations.
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