Thursday, October 11, 2012

Prep Kitchen - Little Italy

Have you been to Prep Kitchen yet? These sister restaurants to Whisk n' Ladle are popping up in all of the best San Diego neighborhoods. Like Whisk n' Ladle, Prep Kitchen serves a wonderful fusion of Italian, Asian, and American cuisine with warmth and casual grace.

I had the great fortune to get to visit the Little Italy restaurant recently, and it was amazing!
One thing that struck me about this location was how cozy it was! I adore these herbs being grown in mason jars in the front stairwell. So perfect for a winter or fall evening!
I was in the mood for something fruity and light, however, so my friend Anna and I decided to go with the delicious, homemade white sangria made with mango juice. Yummy! It was light and sweet, which was just what I desired.
Happy hour features special tapas, and so we indulged.

Vinegar chicken crostini. This sounds weird, but was so flavorful and the chicken was tender and scrumptious.

My favorite! Goat cheese bruschetta! I love, love, love goat cheese, and served with garlicky bread and fresh tomatoes, it was irresistible.
For our meal, I decided that the King Salmon was the ticket. A big, fresh filet served atop basil mashed potatoes garnished with zucchini and tapenade. The fish was great, but we couldn't stop talking about the delicious potatoes! I need this recipe.
For our other main course, we chose the sea urchin pasta. I know that it sounds strange (I had never heard of putting sea urchin into pasta, but it's a thing). This dish was quite good! The noodles were homemade, and the sea urchin combined with a little olive oil and spices was the perfect light pasta dish. I would order this again.
The menu changes daily depending on availability and freshness of ingredients, but Prep Kitchen is definitely worth a visit!

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