Monday, October 15, 2012

Taste of Downtown Wrap Up!

The Taste of Downtown was amazing! The Gaslamp, of course, hosts some of the very best restaurants in the city, and each shared some of their best flavors last Thursday. With 60 restaurants, I think that it would be very difficult to share every bite, so I'm just going to share my favorites.

Our first stop was Donovan's Seafood. My co-workers keep telling me how awesome Donovan's is, so I made a point to try out their Taste. Creamy, creamy seafood chowder with a drizzle of gourmet olive oil. This chowder was incredible! Big chunks of scallops and shrimp! Yum! Definitely will return for a full-scale experience.
Cafe Sevillia was serving up one of my favorites -- paella! I seriously have a separate stomach for this Spanish treat. Rice, saffron, chicken, and seafood -- so simple, yet so tasty. I think that I could have eaten that entire platter. I love tapas, so we'll definitely be back for dinner and sangria!!
Acqua al 2 is a place that I've wondered about ever since my trip to Florence last fall. You see the owners of this restaurant also have a restaurant of the same name, in Firenze (Florence), Italy. How delighted that I was to see that they were tasting Florentine classics of panzanella salad and fried balls beef and rice with a cheese center, topped with marinara. Both items were delicious, and the perfect bite for a sample.
Yummy duck puppies from Barleymash. I love this place! Best pub grub in the city!
Korean sweet and spicy chicken wings from Whiskey Girl. These were surprisingly good, as I'm not a huge wing fan. They were also so friendly, I would definitely return for more of their food and fun!

The Saltbox always delivers, and for this event, they did the unexpected with mini gourmet desserts! It was wonderful to get something sweet amongst all of the savory offerings. Homemade panacotta with pomagranate gelee was their offering, and it was wonderful! One of my favorite San Diego restaurants.

Stout Public House was a great new find. I loved this Irish-themed bar that was lacking in the fakeness and, ahem, "PB bro" that so many San Diego Irish bars have (you know who you are). They served Irish soda bread and beef stew. I'll come back for a beer and dinner sometime!
Westgate Room was a new find, with unexpected, old-fashioned elegance. This is a place where you would find ladies sipping tea or finishing brandy. Proscuitto and melon was served (yum) as well as made to order fresh juices -- I looooooved the ginger pear. So delicious! Check out the vintage decor.

Our last stop was Starbucks for a pick-me-up mini pumpkin latte. Won't be my last of the season! My favorite coffee drink!

Looks like I have a bevy of new places to visit!!!
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Vicky said...

Donovan's and Barleymash were also some of my favorites (along with Katsuya)! I meant to take photos and document the bites, but I got too excited to eat before I could snap any photos. I definitely also enjoyed the juices at Westgate, so much that the guy working let me take an extra juice for the road!

San Diego Dining Dish said...

Excellent! We will have to get together sometime. I love meeting other SD food bloggers! :)

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