Friday, October 5, 2012

West Coast Tavern

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a story from West Coast Tavern about infusing alcohol. On Monday evening, I decided to check out the bar itself, since I like their sister restaurant, Uptown Tavern so much. 

The feel of the restaurant is somewhat similar, but there's a distinct vibe to each place.   The front is decorated beautifully, and I love the retro 40s look of the lounge area!

The bar area, however, is completely modern and sleek! 

Since it was Monday, and wine flights are on special for $10, we started with a flight of wines. Merlot, vinho verde, riesling, and cabernet! I've never seen a red presented before a white, so this was an interesting assortment. There are also plenty of signature cocktails, but since the wine was on special, we decided to go with that!

We started our meal with their trio of dips appetizer. Served with warm pita, and veggies for an additional $3, you get homemade hummus, red pepper romesco, and warm spinach artichoke dip. The dips were a perfect size for two people to share! I really loved the pita that came with the dips. It was very light with a slightly crispy exterior, dusted with garlic salt.

The dips were all quite good, but the spinach artichoke stole my heart. I'm a sucker for this classic dip, and the warm cheesy goodness was heavenly!

For dinner, we decided on two of their signature dishes -- macaroni and cheese du jour and the filet medallion. The mac and cheese today was a classic white cheddar with spinach, tomatoes, onions, and bacon! The white cheddar sauce was slightly sweet in flavor, and the serving was huge!!! The tomatoes played very nicely against the pungent cheese.

The filet was amazing! I normally do not order steak -- I'm more of a fish and fowl type of person -- but for some reason, this filet just sounded perfect, and it was! The steak was very, very tender and flavorful, cooked to the perfect medium rare temperature.  It came with grilled tomatoes, greens with vinaigrette, and freshly cut steak fries. The fries were amazing! Thick and mealy, with a tasty seasoning of garlic salt.

For the finale, we couldn't resist the charm of homemade cotton candy! The cotton candy on this day was cherry, and when the fluffy pink cone emerged, I almost squealed with delight! Who doesn't have room for cotton candy? I love, love that this is part of the menu daily, and it's such a nice surprise to have such a fun dessert.

Definitely will be checking out West Coast Tavern again, and I'll probably be getting some of that yummy cotton candy!!!

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