Wednesday, November 14, 2012

True North Tavern

Have you been to True North Tavern? A mix between a sports bar and an old-fashioned pub, TNT (tee hee!) is nestled right in the heart of North Park.  The outside is very understated, but once inside, you are greeted warmly and the plain exterior reveals a lively feast of sounds and smells.

We went during San Diego Beer Week, and each night featured special selections. We decided to order the Rough Draft Freudian Sip and the Vanilla Porter. The beers were delicious! I love porters, and this porter was nice and malty, with a little sweetness. The Freudian Sip was hoppy, but not exclusively. There was a lot more flavor and bit to it.

The entire appetizer menu looked interesting, with tempura vegetables and delicious loaded tater tots, but I really, really wanted the ceviche. It didn't disappoint! It was a fresh mix of shrimp, green chiles, and avocado, served with freshly made tortilla chips. Yummy, and very light so that we weren't too full for our entrees. 
The menu is traditional pub fair only in the sense that it is burgers, sandwiches, and salads. However, these classics are served up with some new twists, and classic food is always good when it's prepared perfectly! 

A giant burger with bacon and barbeque sauce was the perfect health food! (Just kidding) This burger was super juicy and cooked to a perfect medium. A side of yummy tater tots made for an unexpected change of starch. The portions were enormous! It's hard to see from the picture, but the tots were mountainous!

I chose a special tuna steak sandwich served medium rare. Delicious lean tuna marinated in soy sauce and grilled, then served on a brioche bun with spinach and tomato. It was heaven, I'm telling you. I think it was the best tuna steak of my life!

Did we get dessert? We hardly had room, but we didn't let it stop us! We ordered two of the three offerings: the salted caramel custard and donut holes! The custard...oh was so good. It was sinful, rich, yet so light in texture. The custard was surrounded by a chocolate cookie-like ganache and cocoa nibs that just made the contrast of the creamy caramel shine. Served in a mini-Mason jar, this dessert belongs in some sort of dessert hall of fame. 

The donut holes were so cute! Fried up and seasoned with a bit of orange, these were not your donut shop donuts. They were more like Italian donuts, with a subtle flavor, served with chocolate dipping sauce!

The staff is so friendly here! It's a great atmosphere, and the service was great!

I will definitely be going back for the burgers and that awesome custard!!!

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