Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cafe Lulu

After having an extremely good meal at Bite M. E. last week, I wanted to check out their sister restaurant, Cafe Lulu, located next door.  The same menu is served, with the addition of many more desserts!

Lulu, however, is a different vibe. For one thing, check out the gorgeous decor! I love how everything is so...RED! 

Another thing that Cafe Lulu has is hookah and coffee drinks. I'm not a fan of hookah (it smells good, but I just can't smoke), but I love coffee drinks, so we ordered two of their gigantic cappuccinos!

It's hard to tell from the picture, but these cappuccinos were enormous! And came with a nice nibble of chocolate. 

But I wasn't interested in the chocolate nibbles, this caught my attention! 

Hooray for dessert!

When I saw that they had Blackout Cake on the menu, I couldn't resist it. I haven't had this chocolatey chocolate cake in ages, and it's so decadent to just eat layers and layers of chocolate.

My companion had the cheesecake tiramisu, which was just as rich as it sounds. 

I think that he ate this in 36 seconds. 

And all of the desserts are served with a scoop of ice cream (to cut the sweetness!). Definitely a great place to pop in for a dessert or some hookah when you are downtown! 

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