Thursday, January 17, 2013

Blind Burro Opens in the Gaslamp

The Gaslamp has a new addition to its repertoire of interesting and delicious restaurants. The Blind Burro is the perfect setting for a vivacious happy hour or dinner. The grand opening was last Thursday, and I was among the lucky attendees.

The atmosphere was lively and friendly. We were immediately greeted by the nice bartenders, and quickly served up their homemade red sangria and house margarita. The sangria was very good, and made to order, which gave it a very effervescent composition and light flavor. Very refreshing, and perfect for a summer drink! The margarita was quite good as well, not too sour, and not overly sweet.

We were served some of their house chips and salsa, with freshly made corn tortilla chips! The chips were very thick and crunchy, which made them a wonderful accompaniment to the drinks.

There were passed appetizers – ceviche with shrimp and avocado; tortillas with chorizo, guacamole, and Chicharróns; fresh fruit covered with lime and spicy chili powder; and a beef burger with peppers and a special sauce.

Each item was delicious, but I must say, my favorite was the ceviche, primarily because I am a huge fan of this Latin American delicacy. The seafood was impeccably fresh and well prepared, with a nice flavor combination of the lime juice and spices.

The happy hour menu looks quite inviting, so I’m sure that I’ll be back to have some more of this great place!

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