Friday, January 18, 2013

Imbibing for Inauguration

With all of this fiscal cliff talk, I could certainly use a drink. I hate talking politics with friends, but I love talking about cocktails, and more importantly, drinking them! (Wait...that didn't come out right...). Here is a wrap-up of some inaugaration offerings from local bars!

With all the pomp and circumstance that will certainly surround Monday’s 57th Inauguration Ceremony in Washington D. C., it got us thinking…about the Commander in Chief’s libation of choice.

Celebrations call for champagne and sources report that although President Obama is a self-described “beer guy,” he serves Domaine Chandon’s Sparkling Wine at all state dinners. Dust your shoulders off California; the Chandon vineyards are located in three of California’s finest appellations: Yountville, Carneros and Mount Veeder. Our cool and calm president would most likely prefer to relax with one of the house-made microbrews from Pacific Beach Alehouse.

While snakebites might have been the least of Monica’s concerns, former President Bill Clinton enjoyed a “snakebite” at the bar. Never heard of it? A snakebite, also called a “shandy” is half cider, half lager and the bartenders at barleymash are happy to whip one out for you to celebrate the inauguration.

Let’s not forget the man responsible for our alcohol-induced liberties, FDR. Former president Franklin Roosevelt repealed prohibition with an old fashioned in his hand. If he had a time machine, he’d skip D.C. in favor of SD and visit Uptown Tavern for their Woodford Reserve Maple Infused Old Fashioned.

Martinis, shaken not stirred, were former President Hoover’s favorite and they are deliciously dirty at Ginger’s in the Gaslamp.

Thomas Jefferson, touted as the first wine expert in the oval office, would have loved Toscana Café and Wine Bar at the corner of 5th and K Streets. It boasts one of the largest selections of wines in the Gaslamp District.

Old “Give 'Em Hell Harry” Truman believed in two things, good bourbon and atomic bombs. Toast to Truman, a bourbon imbiber, at West Coast Tavern with more than 30 different varieties of bourbon behind the bar.

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