Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mr. Ramen

I haven't written about my deep love of ramen for awhile, and that's probably due to the lack of good ramen places in San Diego. Sorry SD, but LA has you beat with the choices for good ramen, or even passable ramen. If anyone has contradictory evidence, please point me towards the appropriate spots! I'd love to have ramen more than a few times a year!

This weekend, I was able to get my ramen fix in the Little Tokyo neighborhood of LA, at the very good Mr. Ramen.

Mr. Ramen is a tiny shop on 1st Street that boasts every different type of ramen, with all sorts of add-ins. What's more, it's inexpensive, and also has the option of small or large portions. Yay!

We ordered the regular shoyu ramen and the curried chicken ramen. Both were delicious. The chicken curry ramen is one of my favorites, and sadly, unavailable in these parts.

The shoyu ramen was a basic dish that was more than the sum of its parts. Served with the traditional soy broth, this ramen boasted homemade noodles, and a lean pork filet and seaweed. So warm and delicious!

We also ordered a side of gyoza, which were a bit too onion-y for me. They were well-prepared, just not really my taste at all.

The menu is cash only, so make sure that you hit the ATM before going! I can't wait to go back and get my ramen fix!

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