Saturday, April 27, 2013

Islands Burgers

This week, I really, really wanted a burger. I know, so surprising from someone who loves burgers. I've tried all of the San Diego classics, and wanted to try a new place. Islands Burgers is a local Southern California chain of burger restaurants. I know that a lot of foodies are averse to chains, but a chain just means that the company did something right and expanded. 

The decor of Islands is totally Hawaiian kitschy cool. Surfboards, bicycles, and palm trees give the place a laid back, enjoyable feeling. It's definitely a good vibe to sit, drink a beer, and  have a good time. 

It was happy hour when we arrived, so we decided to indulge in a couple of their specialty drinks, the Moscow Mule and the Big Island iced tea. The mule seems to be the drink of the times, and this was an excellent specimen of vodka, ginger, and lime.  The Big Island iced tea was fragrant with pineapple juice, and so sweet and delicious it could get me in trouble very quickly!

We started out with a plate of the cheese fries (a happy hour special!), served with barbeque sauce or ranch dressing. I love, love cheese fries, and these were such a treat!!!

For dinner, we had the Big Wave burger on a wheat bun, and a Caesar salad on the side, and the turkey burger with steamed vegetables. I love that there are options for healthy sides here (although I would have missed having fries with my burger -- it's just not right to eat a burger without a few fries!)

The Big Wave is a beef burger, basic with lettuce, tomato, and cheese. So juicy and good, and the wheat bun was a bit more healthy and amazing!

The turkey burger was the jam! I love a good turkey burger, and this was one of the best I've ever had! So juicy and yum! Definitely didn't feel like I missed out by ordering a turkey burger, and saved a little fat and calories. The steamed vegetables were yummy, and helped assauge my guilt over the decadent cheesy fries!

With locations all over San Diego, I'm sure to return soon!

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Anonymous said...

Adding to my list next time I'm there!
Save me a seat next to you!

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