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San Diego Wine Show Preview!

I recently attended an event at Terrazzo Amore, a new private wine bar in Del Mar to celebrate, for the San Diego Wine Show. The SD Wine show is going to be April 27th and 28 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds at the Paddock. The SD Wine show anticipates having 33 wine and food vendors (focused on the wine of course) to both educate you on wine and expose you on the finest on local California Wineries! They are even getting the best in local SD food trucks to provide food. Ok enough on the event to come and on to the food and wine!

I started out with the Ambassadars Merlot from Orfila, which was nice and light with hint of fruit.  The food at the event was incredible, I started out with several different cheeses including a heated fruit and brie dish with and gouda cheeses.  I don’t know about you, but I am sucker for tasty cheese (it’s a weakness!)

I then moved to a steel barrel Sauvignon Blanc from Carruth Cellars, which was fruity and clean. I paired it with a more CHEESE, yes I was weak, and a Sautéed Shrimp with a White Wine Citruscello Buerre Blanc which was topped with cumquat slices marinated in vodka.  Carruth Cellars buy their grapes from Northern California Vineyards; they are small but definitely worthwhile!

Next I moved on to Orfila Sangiovese and steak sandwiches. The wine was a full story, with a nice beginning, middle, and a smooth finish. It was such a treat to pair such steak and Sangiovese. I have not spent too much time visiting the Orfila winery lately but the wines I tasted from them in this endeavor has really educated me on them.

If shrimp, steak sandwiches weren’t enough, Sushi was provided by Sushi on a Roll. A catering company that specializes in sushi for your favorite events. They provided California and Avacado rolls to finish off the evening.

The night was finished off with a silent auction to support Ben Diaz’s quest to join the US Cooking Olympic Team. He intends to spend the next year visiting cooking schools around California in preparation. Apparently, the process of joining is arduous, and Ben will not have time to earn a living during this period. Two major items were up for auction: (1) a knife from Aura Knifeworks and (2) a dinner for 16 at Terrazzo at a date and time of your choosing (the meal would be made custom by both Ben and his friend David Chennelle). The dinner speaks for itself, the knife are custom chef’s knifes made from high carbon steel (I was and still salivating over the knife).

I ended the evening talking with Mr. San Diego Wine Show himself, Donato Santarsieri.  Donato’s goal is create a wine show that is focused on quality and not quantity. He told me that he wants young and old to enjoy good wine, and be educated on the best ways to choose, and pair wine for your meals and social situations. He hopes to keep the SD Wine Show so you can maintain a personal connection with the wine sellers, but built its prestige!  He has built his wine vendor going back to basics, going to the winery in person and tasting the wine and talking with owner.  It sounds like quite an event!

So right before I left, I enjoyed a final glass of wine,  benign neglect from Orfila. It was fully body and enjoyable. Cheers!

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