Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happy Hour at Azul Steakhouse

As some of my regular readers know, I love, love happy hour. What better way to unwind after the stressful work day then taking in some discounted beverages and food. I've found so many great happy hours in San Diego, and adding to the list is an amazing happy hour in La Jolla at Azul Steakhouse. I had the pleasure of trying out their regular menu a few months ago, so I was delighted to return and partake of their happy hour offerings. 

Azul's happy hour is featured in their lounge area, and contains many incredible deals from their menu, with appetizers, main courses, drinks, and even a dessert! With the beautiful surroundings and wonderful food, how can you miss? 

We started our evening with some of the great wines on special for the happy hour menu, as well as the truffle wild mushroom flatbread.
The flatbread was scrumptious! Piled with mushrooms, mozzarella, ricotta cheese, and topped with balsamic vinegar, it was a wonderful compliment to the red wines and a nice start to the meal. 

For my meal, I had to try the steak frites. Steak frites is a rare treat that I allow myself once or twice a year, and Azul offers it during happy hour for a mere $9! 

The steak was so tasty! Cooked to medium rare and sliced over homemade french fries, it was almost too good to be true! I'm not embarrassed to say that I ate the entire thing (probably too quickly!). 

My dining partner partook of the recommended tuna sandwich. This sandwich was to die for! A perfect cut of ahi tuna, barely seared to keep that incredible fresh flavor of the fish, then served on a fresh bun with a seasoned, vinegar slaw and pickled ginger. So good that it is my definite pick for my next visit (and there will definitely be another visit!). Unbelievable that for happy hour, this sandwich is $7.
The dessert changes each night for happy hour, and on this night, it was creme brulee with fresh berries! Such a perfect end to a delightful meal, and $5! How can you beat that?

I will definitely return to Azul for their incredible happy hour!!!
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