Thursday, May 30, 2013

Salt & Cleaver

I'm so excited that Salt & Cleaver has finally opened up in Hillcrest! A new kid to the repetoire of excellent eateries in Hillcrest, S & C brings something new to the table by having a menu chock full of sausage!
And not just any sausage, mind you. Gourmet, homemade links bursting with fresh, seasonal ingredients. I'm not a huge sausage fan at all usually, but this deliciousness turned me into a convert. I'm already thinking about when I can return!
We started out with some of their signature cocktails -- neither of us could resist the lure of the West Virginia mule (Moonshine mule on their menu). The mule was made with Catdaddy Spiced moonshine, and excellently mixed. This is a strong drink, despite how sweet and light it tastes, so use caution with the moonshine!
For our meals, after much, much debate, and on the advice of our sweet server, Annie, we chose to try the Duck.Duck.Pig (like ya'll didn't see that coming -- I'm such a duck fan!) which is duck and bacon sausage, crispy duck confit, bacon-aze, and orange marmalade all served on a homemade bun. My dining companion chose the pork belly (yum!!!) which was topped with vinegared cucumbers and alfalfa sprouts. A side of fries completed our order.
Our food came out in good time, and we dug in, overwhelmed by the delicious aromas!
The (pictured right) was everything I had hoped for and more. The sausage was crispy, salty, and the duck confit really took it over the top. The sausage itself was quite good, with that crumbly texture that homemade sausage has, it was nice and tender on the inside.
The pork belly was really spicy! It was unexpectedly bursting with a black and red pepper combination of spices that stayed with me through more than a few sips of moonshine and water! The cucumber pieces on top of this really made the sandwich. They were so nice and vinegar-y, yet crispy. This sausage was very fragile, so a bit messy to eat, but so worth it!!!
The sides were equally stupendous! Each sausage comes with a side of homemade potato salad, which I normally dislike, but this was light and seasoned with a bit of fennel and dill, and was quite good! Not at all like the mayonaise-y concoctions of summer picnics.
The fries were amazing! Hand-cut, homemade, and seasoned with a perfect lemon pepper saltiness, these were one of the best parts of the meal!

Dessert was a homemade apple pie topped with their homemade ice cream! Recommended by the wonderful Annie, this was a nice, homey end to a delicious meal. It was a light taste, not all super sweet and sickeningly caramel, like a lot of restaurant apple pies. The simplicity was what made it good!

Hillcrest is a sometimes tough market for new restaurants, given the plethora of established great eateries, but I have a feeling the Salt & Cleaver will do just fine!
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