Monday, June 24, 2013

Nekter Juice Bar Opens in La Jolla

Nekter Juice Bar has been on the scene in Orange County and Los Angeles for some time. This past Friday, San Diego became part of the cool kids scene by getting their very own store in beautiful La Jolla.

I've never been to a Nekter, but I am familiar with the juice bar concept. Nekter has a vast selection of flavors, all guaranteed to help detoxify and improve your well being.

I chose the Toxic Flush, filled with greens and ginger, since I've been feeling woefully unhealthy lately, with far too many fried foods and beer (it's summer). You can choose to get them with or without ice; I chose without.

It was actually quite a lot of juice! And it was quite tasty, with a lot of ginger flavor. I think that I consumed it a bit too quickly, as I had a bit of a stomachache for awhile afterwards.

They also had drinks to go, for a quick stop!

I would definitely go back to this location for a healthy fix.

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