Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dirty Birds

Hot weather, baseball, and beer is the perfect set up for some wings. I love wings, but am somewhat picky about my wing consumption. After all, they are pretty unhealthy, so if I'm gonna eat something bad for me, I want it to be worthwhile!
Enter Dirty Birds, a Pacific Beach sports bar that specializes in wings. The setting is casual, and after looking at the menu and the selection of homemade sauces, I knew that I had to check out this place.
The menu boasts wings of every flavor and level of heat, as well as a good selection of beers. What are wings without a cold beer?

After some debate and advice from our server, we decided to order a selection: the lemon pepper, spicy garlic, ninja, diablo, and maple chipotle. There were so many selections, it was really hard to decide, plus there were tons of non-wing menu items that were equally appealing.

The wings came out very quickly, and I decided to taste each one from least spicy to most spicy, starting with the lemon pepper. The lemon pepper wings were a dry rub, and not at all spicy. They were quite tasty though, and perfect for someone that loves wings but doesn't enjoy spicy food.
Next, I tasted the spicy garlic wings, which had a very classic buffalo wing flavor. These wings would be my order for a Super Bowl party or any gathering where a crowd-pleaser is needed. The flavor of the garlic was very present, and these were actually pretty spicy!

My third selection was the ninja wings, which are a sweet teriyaki-influenced spicy sauced wing. These were very tasty indeed, with a good bit of sauce. These wings might be my personal favorite, as they were sweet, but not a straight barbeque sweet.

Next up were the maple chipotle wings, which had a nice sweet and smoky flavor, with some kick from the spices. These wings were quite good, and the smoky chipotle flavor was surprising and delicious.

The final wing was the Diablo, one of the spiciest wings on the menu. Diablo wings are for those who desire a very spicy wing, and sometimes, that's just what I want! These wings had a classic spicy buffalo taste, with lots of kick from the homemade sauce.

If it's wings that you're in the mood for, this is the best place for them in town!

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