Friday, July 26, 2013

National Ice Cream Month

Crank it by hand on the back porch. Use liquid nitrogen. Order it at your favorite restaurant. Nearly 90 % of this country’s population enjoys ice cream and its creation is anything but vanilla these days. National Ice Cream Month earned a legitimate designation by Congress and was endorsed by President Ronald Reagan back in 1984. In honor of National Ice Cream Month, here are a few local restaurants with frozen treats to try this July:
Palate pleasers of the Italian variety popped up this month at Olivetto Ristorante, located in Mission Hills. Try one treat that you won’t find on the menu at a Baskin’ Robbins, Olivetto’s Gelati Misti, an Italian ice cream that comes in various flavors. Also available is the Limoncello Truffle, made with lemon gelato and a heart of limoncello and then covered in meringue. Does anyone know how to say “yum” in Italian?

Royal watchers might be anxiously awaiting the name of the new heir to the British throne, but across the pond in San Diego, our eye is on another announcement. Later this month, barleymash is set to reveal its new dessert menu featuring house-made ice creams. Try the PB & J Cheesecake, a freshly baked cheesecake swirled with scratch-made raspberry mango habanero jelly and raspberry vodka sauce and served with chunky peanut butter ice cream. You guessed it. Even the peanut butter that goes into this ice cream is made from scratch.

Headed to Hillcrest? Try out Heat Bar and Kitchen in the old Egyptian district for their seasonal House-Made Sorbet that will leave you with a deliciously satisfied chill. A plus for dairy-free diners, sorbets are made with fruit juice and/or puree, sugar, and water and without milk.

Bill Nye the Science Guy has nothing on the team over at Salt and Cleaver in Hillcrest. These guys boldly take on liquid nitrogen to create an incredible House-made Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream with chocolate sauce. It’s not fun to make unless it’s a little dangerous, right?

For a truly unique take on ice cream, Sabuku is taking the cake, literally. Their Tempura Fried Ice Cream is made with a choice of vanilla or green tea ice cream enveloped in pound cake, which is then dipped in tempura batter and fried, served with caramel and chocolate sauces, and topped with whipped cream. The ingenious combination of all these ingredients will make your mouth water.
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