Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Baltimore Edition: Michael's Steak and Lobster House

This weekend, I took a break from San Diego's sunny beaches to enjoy some time with friends on the East Coast, namely, Baltimore, MD, where I lived for 10 years prior to coming to San Diego. Since I haven't been to Baltimore during crab season since I moved (I normally go back to the East Coast for either Christmas or Thanksgiving, and crabs are pretty finished at that point), one of my missions for this trip was to eat as much crab and drink as much Yuengling (a local Pennsylvania beer that I love!)as possible. One of my big traditions when I return is to gather my dearest friends together for a huge feast at a restaurant of choice.
Michael's Steak and Lobster House, located in South East Baltimore, was the perfect meeting spot, serving up some epic steak and crabcakes. Since I couldn't decide, I ordered both, getting the 1-pound porterhouse and 8 oz crabcake combo, paired with a Yuengling. Yousa! It was enough for two people, and while there is a $5.00 split plate charge, it's a paltry amount when the price of the meals is considered.

Crabcake, steak, Yuengling: The Ultimate Baltimore meal -- only thing missing is Smith Island Cake.

My friend, Andy, went with their mega special -- the 32-oz crabcake. Yeah, that's how we roll in Baltimore! Check out that monster!  Two pounds of crab awesomeness!

Photo courtesy Michaels.

When it was brought to the table, I was reminded of John Candy in The Great Outdoors, when he eats the Old 96er, a giant steak to win a free meal for the family. I had my doubts, but Andy showed that crabcake who was boss and consumed the entire thing!
Definitely my new place for Baltimore gatherings!
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Opus T. Penguin said...

Nice reference to The Great Outdoors. I love that movie.

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