Monday, October 14, 2013

Fig Tree Cafe Discounts Food for Furloughed Workers

I know that we aren't feeling the shutdown as intensely as the East Coast, but there are still a lot of folks feeling hardships...
Inspired by a string of Washington D.C. restaurants, San Diego’s own Fig Tree Café will be offering a discount off food for one day to all furloughed government workers who can provide a valid military ID. Although there is always a 10% military discount every day, the local favorite for brunch, lunch and dinner will take 25% off military workers’ bills on Tuesday, October 15. This offering is available at any of their three locations in Pacific Beach, Hillcrest and Liberty Station, all day from opening to closing hours, which vary at each café.

Eateries in D.C. began to give away free or discount food and drinks in order to ease the strain on pocketbooks of federal employees going unpaid during the shutdown, which began on Oct. 1. In a military town such as San Diego, Fig Tree Café aims to show and extend the same support to its customers as well.
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