Monday, October 7, 2013

Milkshakes for the Cure at Smashburger

Smashburger announced its exclusive limited-time only Raspberry Sorbet Shake to benefit Susan G. Komen and support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This new shake will be available all Smashburger stores nation-wide (excluding Canada) starting Tuesday, October 1 through Thursday, October 31. During this time, 40₵ of each Raspberry Sorbet Shake purchased at any Smashburger location will be donated to Susan G. Komen. Smashburger has committed to donating a minimum of $25,000 to Komen this fall.
This weekend, I had the pleasure of trying out this special shake (and of course eating some of SB's yummy food!). I've reviewed Smashburger before, so I was excited for more of their good food.

The shake is presented in the pretty milkshake glasses used for all of Smashburger's shakes, and topped with whipped cream (you can request this to not be added). It is made with raspberry sorbet, so the consistency is more like a smoothy than a traditional shake, and a tad less sweet. It had that tangy, sour-sweet flavor that is present in most raspberry frozen confections, and was freshly made, not drawn from a dispenser like a certain Scottish restaurant that employs a clown.
I really liked this shake, and it went well with the chicken avocado club that I had, as well as the Smash Fries (although I'm not sure that this is a good shake for dipping fries into).
It's available for the rest of the month, so grab one and have a pretty shake for a good cause!
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