Monday, June 9, 2014

Cheesesteak Sandwiches at Giorgino's

One of the food items that I had written off as one that I would not be able to get on the West Coast was a real cheesesteak sandwich. I’m not talking about those poor excuses churned out by pizza shops with flavorless beef chips served on a stale, faux baguette, and covered with gloppy cheese.

However, this has all changed with the discovery (late!) of Giorgino’s in the South Park/Golden Hill neighborhood. The owner hails from the East Coast, and not only makes a respectable cheesesteak sandwich – chopped, not sliced! – he also sells Mid-Atlantic favorites like Taylor’s Pork Roll and Tastykakes. It felt like a little bit of home.

We ordered the cheesesteak (hold the onion) and a chicken parmesan sandwich. The cheesesteak was stupendous! Served on a soft hoagie roll (the RIGHT type of bread) with plenty of cheese and flavorful chopped beef, the sandwich was just what I had been craving.

The chicken parmesan sandwich good, but not great. Pretty standard fare, and not something that I’d order again. Primarily because the cheesesteak was so good! The fries were perfectly respectable as well, and they had A-1 sauce for the fries! I’ve so missed dipping my fries in A-1. Yeah, I know. It’s weird.

I’ll definitely be back for my fix!

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