Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Masters of Color at The Centre in Escondido

Saturday, June 14th, was the kickoff of the “Meet the Masters” events, happening all summer long at The Center in Escondido. The event started a summer series of monthly events which will give guests exceptional experiences to learn skills and techniques from some of San Diego county’s most extraordinary experts, who all make The Centre known as a destination for leisure indulgence: Stephen Fishwick Fine Art, Lux Ave, a high-end fashion boutique, and Vintana Wine + Dine, a Cohn Restaurant Group eatery.

The event started with some champagne and pictures downstairs, courtesy of TapSnap. Guests were instructed to get stamps in a passport booklet from each vendor they visited, to be entered into a drawing at the end of the event!

The second part of the event included exploring the shops and services offered at The Centre, which included the newly opened gallery by artist Stephen Fishwick.

Candy Buffet at Henley Company!

The final piece to the event was the art and dancing! After a buffet of finger foods and some complimentary cocktails provided by Purity Vodka, guests were treated to flamenco dancing and music, accompanied by Stephen Fishwick’s signature “quick paint performance”!

The event was a real treat, and a great preview of the fun things to come this summer.

The August and September installations for “Meet the Masters” will be focused on fashion from The Centre’s high-end boutique, Lux Ave and a wine tasting and art viewing with artists from Cohn Restaurant Group, respectively. Lux Ave is a men’s and women’s boutique specializing in fashionable apparel, jewelry, accessories and décor. The STYLE event on August 23rd will showcase how to put different looks together, led by Lux Ave’s fashion specialists.

The TASTE event on September 13th will feature art by various Cohn Restaurant Group (CRG) employees inside of Vintana Wine + Dine and a wine tasting/pairing, all led by CRG’s Beverage Manager, Maurice DiMarino. DiMarino has been a service industry expert for over 25 years. After traveling the world working in various establishments and working with many renowned chefs, DiMarino eventually landed back in San Diego working for Chef Scott’s Island Prime restaurant. Currently, DiMarino is the Beverage Manager for all 16 of the Cohn Restaurant Group eateries. His goal is to bring attention to San Diego and show the world that San Diego should be recognized among the top cities for food and wine.

Registration and more information on “Meet the Masters” will be available on www.thecentreescondido.com in the coming weeks. Be sure to check back for more information. 

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