Friday, August 29, 2014

San Diego Spirits Festival featuring Don Julio Tequila

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of being the pregnant lady at the San Diego Spirits Festival. 

That sounds whiny, but it was actually a really fun event! We entered and were provided with small bags of popcorn by these well-dressed young ladies, and chocolate truffles to boot!

And now the tasting began! The first taste was actually a natural soda, so I could participate! Joia sodas are all natural, and very flavorful! My favorite was the grapefruit, while my husband loved the blackberry. 

There were so many tastings, everyone had to be careful about moderation. In the interest of brevity, I'll mention some of my husband's favorites of the event. 

One of the best tastings was provided by Woodford Reserve bourbon, a favorite of mine when I'm able to imbibe. They served up a gorgeous ginger lemon drink with thyme to compliment their lovely beverage. The drink was called the Elijah, for their beloved cat that died this summer. 

The other standout was Don Julio tequila. Full disclosure, Don Julio allowed me entry to the festival, but I really did love their presentation and the variety of drinks. They have an Airstream Speakeasy tour right now, serving up a menu of various concoctions featuring their tequila. I loved that they provided waters as well! It was a very well-done booth. 

Another good booth was Early Times, featuring a FireEater bourbon. Carnival games and prizes! So much fun.

The other highlight was the food! Zarco Cocina de Baja made an amazing smoked (!) ceviche surrounded by the freshest vegetables that blew my mind. The barbecue brisket and pulled pork from Jo's was incredible. Another notable was San Luis Sourdough, featuring grilled cheese sandwiches on fresh sourdough.  


A few more pics from the event: 

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