Tuesday, October 14, 2014

NFL Happy Hour at Islands Burgers

Islands Restaurants is the leader of happy hours offering extended happy hour in the bar Monday and Thursday from 4 p.m. to close and exclusive NFL Happy Hour specials all day and night on Sunday.

Sunday NFL Happy Hour specials include the following: 
  • Coors Light for $2.95
  • Featured craft beer for $4.49
  • Bloody Marys for $3.95
  • Nachos for $6.65

  • At ever happy hour, enjoy Beachside Sliders ($4.69), quesadillas ($3.79) and Cheddar Fries ($4.79) and wash it down with an Islands signature Mai Tai ($4.25), Hand Shaken Strawberry Daiquiri ($5.49) or an ice cold local IPA under five bucks.
I was invited to try out some of these specials, and was very happy with what I ate! The nachos were just the thing to start out a great game night, and perfect for sharing with a group. 

There were also samples of the wings and fries, which were fantastic! The wings were surprisingly spicy (although not ridiculously so), and the fries were fresh and crisp.

There were samples of drinks -- including the special Mai Tai and a new drink, the Makaha Maggie, which was very sweet and drinkable. The sips that Steve and I shared (baby at home! I'm paranoid about drinking too much with breastfeeding!) of the Octoberfest beer were delicious! 

One can't talk about Islands without mentioning their famous burgers. The sliders are amazing mini versions of the larger than life burgers, and again, great for nibbling while watching the game. 

With locations all over SoCal, and plenty of great happy hours, Islands has made a great place for itself in the lineup! 
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