Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Coop's West Texas BBQ

I don't know why, but the holidays mean barbecue to me. I think that it started with a Christmas visit to West Texas a number of years ago, and a memorable meal at Rudy's. Ever since I tasted their delicious chicken and ribs, I've been in search of something comparable. Surprisingly enough, San Diego is home to some pretty great barbecue spots. There's the famous Phil's, which is vastly overrated, but has its place; and Brazen BBQ, which I've visited a number of times and always left satisfied.  

Add to that list Coop's West Texas BBQ. Located off the beaten path in Lemon Grove, Coop's is tucked into a shopping center. It's a small space, with the smoker sitting in the parking lot.

I had heard from some reliable sources that Coop's was amazing, but I was not prepared for the delicious beef brisket. The flavor was smoky with a bit of salt, and the texture was tender and rich, with a firm bite. We chose the mac and cheese and the beans and rice for sides. The mac and cheese was good, but the beans and rice were the real standout. Pleasantly flavored with the smoky pork, the beans and rice were the real deal.

Definitely somewhere to check out!

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