Sunday, January 11, 2015

Nomad Donuts

A short review to start the year! This past Friday morning, Steve and I had an urge for something sweet at breakfast, but not just a run of the mill treat. A donut? There are a few shops nearby, a couple within walking distance, but none of which are super amazing crazy good. For a standard donut, Golden Donut in North Park is my go-to, with delicious, crispy pillows of fried goodness, served in a friendly atmosphere at a reasonable price. 

However, Golden Donut was a bit further than we wanted to go (we wanted to walk to work off the sugar!), and so we thought that Nomad Donuts, located just down the street in Normal Heights/University Heights, would be just the ticket. 

The decor was cheerful and hipster chic, and the employees were nice enough. The selection of donuts ranged from gourmet traditional (vanilla bean) to adventurous (apple chai) to the downright disgusting (prosciutto and sun-dried tomato). We chose somewhere in-between with a strawberry-filled donut with a meringue topping. 

The donuts were $4 each, and good-sized, so we split. 

The verdict? Mehhhhhhh. The donut had the consistency of a McDonald's apple pie back in the fried days, and the filling was so thin and runny, it was impossible to eat without making a mess. The whipped topping was tasteless and unnecessary. All in all, it was reminiscent of an old school Hostess fruit pie, and definitely nothing worthy of such pomp and circumstance. 
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