Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Balboa Park International Cottages

Its spring in San Diego and that means the International Cottages are starting back up their Sunday Lawn Program!  The Lawn Program is our opportunity to experience foods and cultures from around the world made by our neighbors at the International Cottages in Balboa Park. Each Sunday from now until October, a different International Cottage will provide both a selection of foods (at incredibly cheap prices) and entertainment. The festivities usually start at 2-3PM; occasionally they have longer hours depending on the cottage.

We have been doing this for the last few years and have yet to be disappointed.  A couple important dates to put on your calendar are:
  1. Ethnic Food Fair – May 24th! – This is a little December Nights with much shorter lines!
  2. Peru – July 26th – We love this booth’s food, the chicken is always amazing!
  3. Puerto Rico – June 28th – Hey empanadas and beans and rice…how can you go wrong?

I can honestly say that every weekend will be great!  So pick one and enjoy an event unique to San Diego. Here is the link to the schedule, starting up this Sunday!
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