Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Gold Donuts

It is funny how good food can come from the most hidden places, which are in plain sight. In this case, I am talking about Gold Donuts. Gold Donuts is an independent bakery around the corner from my house that I have been visiting for several years for my occasional Sunday morning donut. The thought of a good donut makes me look something like this cat. 

Gold Donuts is ran by a nice woman who serves up a classic selection of Donuts, our favorites are the Glazed, Chocolate Topped, and Boston Crème, and several croissants. The croissant choices include plain, cream cheese, raspberry, and a cream cheese and raspberry mix. I have to say each taste fresh, and delicious. We have even started getting our croissants there for my signature breakfast sandwiches and it beats out anything you can get from a coffee shop or Vons at a fraction of the cost (around $1.50). The donuts are between 75 cents and $1.20 and each fulfill my morning sweet tooth and I don’t even have to start up my car to get there!

I guess the point I am trying to make here is one thing that is unique about our city is the availability of good independent bakeries, which serve up awesomeness every morning. I have tried several times to replace her yummy selection of breakfast pastries, but have been unsuccessful. Why?...Because I am always on the lookout for something better! But sometimes I forget how good I have it. So my suggestion is either to go visit my favorite donut proprietor or post in the comments below yours! 
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