Friday, March 6, 2015

Open Table

If you are anything like me, you abhor making reservations at restaurants. I think it's my natural tendency to be very shy, but I just do not like talking with a stranger on the phone, waiting as they check and double check a reservation booklet, and try and figure out a time and seating arrangement. I've been on the other end, and it's certainly not a simple task for the restaurant to juggle each reservation and ensure that everyone has satisfactory seating. 

Welcome to the internet age, and more accurately, With Open Table, users are able to search for restaurant reservations with ease and comfort, using a simple interface to pick the restaurant, time, and number of diners. 

One thing that I really like about using Open Table for reservations is the ability to search for restaurants based on time. For example, say you want to get six people together for dinner at 7:30 on Friday night in Hillcrest (pretty hard to do last minute!). Open Table enables the user to search which restaurants have availability for that night, at that time, for that many people, at restaurants in that neighborhood. Pretty cool, eh? 

To use this free service, visit
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