Wednesday, March 11, 2015


This week is the grand opening of PizzaRev in Carmel Valley! PizzaRev is a casual, quick service pizza restaurant similar in concept to a Chipotle. To order a pizza, you go to the beginning of the line, order a crust -- gluten-free or regular -- then choose your toppings. The pizza is placed into a quick-cook oven, and brought out to your table! 

The pizza is a flat cost of 8.25, and measures approximately 9". 

Also available -- local brews from Coronado Brewing Company! Wine and sodas are also available for purchase. 
 Check out the final product! I got the regular crust with mushrooms and olives. It was delicious, and renewed my love of pizza. I liked being able to get my own pizza and picking my own toppings! No sharing! 
As you can see, Steve went for the meat lovers (of course). Spicy pepperoni, sausage, and bacon! Even with all of those meats, the pizza was not greasy. The meats were also very fresh-tasting and the flavor was amazing. 

I will definitely be heading back to PizzaRev to get my fix. I love that it's family-friendly (a big deal for me these days), and that it's a quick service without sacrificing quality. 
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