Wednesday, April 1, 2015

San Diego Foodie Fest Wrap-Up

This weekend, San Diego celebrated a real treat: the Foodie Fest! Native to Las Vegas, the Foodie Fest has hit the road and made a stop at Qualcomm Stadium! The Foodie Fest features a bevy of local food trucks, as well as some that made the journey to bring San Diego some of the best gourmet treats around. 

No longer a "roach coach" as before, food trucks are now the touchstone of nouveau cuisine, featuring gourmet sandwiches, as well as treats native to specific regions, such as a Cajun food truck or Maine lobster rolls. 

What had folks most excited? The White Castle truck! I think that the Harold & Kumar movies with Neil Patrick Harris really pushed the White Castle sliders into legendary status (see what I did there?). The lines weren't long because of the quick service, but they were busy!

Amusement park rides and deep-fried everything really gave it a relaxed, county fair atmosphere!

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