Monday, May 18, 2015

El Jardin Dinner May 29

Mexico is just across the border from San Diego, and I try to go as much as I can, particularly when great food and wine is involved!

On Friday May 29th, world renowned Chef Ryan Steyn of El Jardín is joining with well-known guest chefs Gianina Gavaldon from Olivia in Guadalupe Valley and Chef Abe Botello from San Diego’s West Coast Tavern, to offer an unforgettable six -course dinner paired with some of the finest sips of Guadalupe Valley.

This intimate south-of-the-border feast will take place at El Jardín beginning at 6:30 pm. $70 USD will bring patrons delicious food, brews from burgeoning craft microbrewery Agua Mala Cervezeria, and wines from the surrounding vineyards of Adobe Guadalupe, which will be paired with each bite, and live music!

Reserve by calling 011526461565384 or 646-111-7405, or emailing
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