Monday, May 11, 2015

Gator by the Bay Wrap Up

A year ago, I was in New Orleans; pregnant and eating as many beignets as I could, I loved every moment in the Big Easy. I plan to return sometime, but in the meantime, there's San Diego's own Gator by the Bay. It was a wet, rainy weekend in San Diego, but the festival kept on! Despite the gray skies and chill, folks were having fun listening to the music and sampling tons of great food. 

Spanish Landing Park was alive with jubilant music and families celebrating the annual festival honoring New Orleans traditions. The music was the highlight, with three large stages, and smaller groups scattered throughout the grounds, it made for a great way to spend the day. 

The first thing that caught my eye food-wise was the truck selling the infamous crawfish. Not only had they trucked in 10,000 pounds of crawfish just for the event, they were giving out samples! 

After tasting a crawfish, which included a lesson on how to peel them for eating, we ordered a plate. The spices were positively addictive! 

We walked around a bit more, and saw these guys. Such a reminder of New Orleans, seeing random musicians just belting out a song. 

Before we left, I couldn't resist getting two of my favorite treats: a beignet and a praline. The women working at this stand were so friendly and really made me miss the New Orleans hospitality. The beignet was outstanding, freshly made, and a nice warm antidote to the chilly air. The praline was HUGE! Super sweet and caramel-y, just as pralines should be. 

 As we said goodbye to the festival, the music followed us to our car. What a great time!!!
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