Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Fig Tree Blend in Your Kitchen!

Since opening doors in 2008, Fig Tree Café has been one of the best places to start your day. Among all of the amazing sights and smells that completely take over your senses from the moment you walk in, there has always been one sensational aroma that stands out above everything. This is the wonderful fragrance of their Fig Tree Blend organic coffee. Fig Tree Café teamed up with Café Moto to create a truly unique blend of coffee you can’t find anywhere else.

The Fig Tree Blend begins with a full city roast of Peruvian beans from 12 Apostles coffee producers. This gives the coffee a sweet citrusy aroma, with buttery exotic fruit and nutty characteristics. They then add hand-picked and pulped beans from the Aceh Provence in Indonesia. This full city roast adds herbs, cloves, pepper, spices, honeysuckle and a subtle vanilla undertone to the cup. The blend is completed with French roasted Guatemalan beans from the Asobagri Cooperative. These beans give the cup a smooth finish with light caramel and malt flavors. All of the beans are Fair Trade Certified, USDA Organic and Star K Kosher.

This blend has had people coming back for years and now Fig Tree Café is making it available for you to brew in your own home. Beginning this month, you may purchase Fig Tree Café’s famous blend at their Pacific Beach location. Stop by for breakfast or brunch and take your favorite coffee home with you!
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