Saturday, June 20, 2015

Taste of Little Italy 2015

Wednesday, I had the pleasure of taking part in another amazing time at Taste of Little Italy. I really loved the event last year, when we explored the North route of the event. This year, we sampled at restaurants on the South route. If you do this event next year, I would highly recommend both routes, as there are amazing tastes on both. 

We started with some Sicilian pizza and tiramisu from Napizza. The pizza was thick-crust, with a spicy sauce. A little bit of homemade tiramisu was the perfect way to start the tour.
 Next up was a newcomer to Little Italy, Civico 1845. The taste here was drawing quite the crowd: a pasta made with zucchini and pancetta. It was creamy and delicious, and would be vegan but for the pancetta. Amazing that a zucchini could create such a creamy flavor!

 We headed to the sky for our next taste: The Glass Door Restaurant. Along with the view, we were served a spinach artichoke dip sample. I'd love to come back for a happy hour sometime and take in more of that glorious view.

 We headed back down for some ramen at Underbelly, which was very good and a huge sample!

The favorite sample of the night, however, came from Monello. Parmesean risotto with fig, mushroom, and balsamic vinegar was a hit! My daughter loved it. Obviously, she ate only the cheesy rice, but she kept wanting more!
 Another fresh raw oyster from Ironside! I loved these at Wine and Roses, so I was happy to have another!

One of my favorite things to eat, shrimp ceviche, was very tasty at Indigo Grill.

One of the best stops was wood-fired pizza and a glass of wine (purchased at a happy hour price) from Isola. The crush was chewy, with a crisp outer bit. Perfect.

We finished up the night with some crepes from Fabrison's. You can't go wrong with the classics: nutella, lemon sugar, and butter sugar.

I had such a wonderful time, and look forward to next year's Taste. I really like the different route system, as I feel very full but not so stuffed that I don't enjoy the last few tastes! Buon Appetito!

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