Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Holsem Coffee

It seems that every foodie in San Diego has been chattering about the awesomeness that is Holsem Coffee. Located in the middle of the business district of North Park, Holsem exemplifies a new era of coffee. 

The decor is pure New York boutique coffee, but the attitude and friendliness is absolute San Diego. A variety of coffee drinks are offered, all of them hand-crafted, with a perfect marriage of sweet and bitter. Being very easily sugared out, it is a characteristic that I appreciate. I really enjoy the flavor of good coffee -- not the corn syrup of a too-sweet caramel candy bar nutty creamy latte.

I love honey, so it was a no-brainer for me to get the honeycomb, a coffee drink blended with honey and cream. 

Steve went with a drink called "The Woods," which was a salty, maple syrup-laced concoction of coffee and flavor. The owner warned us that people are very opinionated about this particular drink (love it or hate it), so she offered us something else if we were in the hate category. It was magnificent. Unlike anything I've ever tasted, in a great way. 

There are several other drinks to savor, as well as cold brew on tap, so I'm definitely going back!

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