Monday, July 13, 2015

San Diego Comic Con 2015 Wrap Up!

Comic Con is done! I love it so much, but I'm always relieved when it's over. Four days of constant people and madness can be very, very wearing! 

I love all of the picture settings! It seriously is the best part of the Con. I thought that this year would be frightful with having to worry with a baby, but it was fine. And I loved having my daughter to share it all with! 

There were a number of things that we skipped due to time constraints and disinterest, but we did most of the highlights, such as the World of Warcraft photo op, Fargo snowglobe, and Cartoon Network photo op. 

I'll let the pics speak for themselves below! 

 Funko set up a pop-up museum featuring a good bit of their work. I really enjoyed this experience, and it was open to the public! No tickets needed.

 An Adventure Time and Mad Max mashup!

 The long, long line for Hall H. Note the sleeping bags. Yes, people sleep in this line!

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Lynn @ Oh-So Yummy said...

i went on sunday, somehow bypassed lines (didn't even see one) to get into Hall H. yay supernatural panel! i'm watching the older season of heroes currently so may check out the new one sooner or later. that last picture is fun! ;)

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