Monday, September 21, 2015

Cafe Coyote

This post is going to pay tribute to an old favorite of San Diego. Old Town is a must-see for anyone visiting San Diego, with an entire main street composed of reasonably priced Mexican-American restaurants boasting a relaxing spot to have a drink, have a family-friendly dinner, and take in the history of San Diego. 

The restaurants have changed names and proprietors, but Cafe Coyote has been there for 27 years, and for good reason. Cafe Coyote manages to keep a lively, adult party atmosphere in the Cantina, balanced with a family vibe throughout the restaurant. It's really a place that mom and dad can have a margarita with food that everyone can enjoy. 

Cafe Coyote is always crowded! Always a good sign, but may be a turn off for some people. Trust me, the restaurant is huge, and they will find a table for you! Cafe Coyote has large rooms suitable for parties and hosts loads of Navy events, something to remember with the holidays coming up!

We were seated at the perfect table for people-watching and enjoying the great weather -- outside on the patio. 

 We started out with some of the complimentary chips and salsa, and ordered some of their signature queso dip in addition. I just can't resist a spicy, cheese dip with tortilla chips! There is no better snack. 
 The only thing better than munching on tortilla chips with hot, spicy cheese? Munching on them with a margarita in hand! Two giant margaritas washed down our appetizer, one regular, and one raspberry were just what we wanted. 
 The menu has a number of favorites, but we decided that two classics were what we wanted. The Langostino lobster tacos were scrumptious, with plump pieces of lobster breaded and deep-fried, topped with creamy chipotle sauce, cabbage, and tomatoes. So good!
 The enchiladas were delicious! I chose a beef and a cheese enchilada for my meal, served with the bean and rice sides. Enchiladas are a classic, and something that I order again and again. I just can't get enough of the cheese-smothered soft tortillas wrapped around the tasty fillings! 
 The best part of Cafe Coyote is the candy store inside! Yes, Cafe Coyote has a full-service, old-fashioned candy store complete with a homemade fudge counter, salt water taffy in barrels, and loads of hard-to-find candies. 
 Children dining at Cafe Coyote are allowed to select two pieces of candy for free! I can't imagine a sweeter end to a meal as a child than skipping through this cute store to pick out candy. The store is completely not-for-profit, as the owners just like making the restaurant completely family friendly. 

 We couldn't resist a couple of pieces of salt water taffy to go, even though we were stuffed from dinner!

 I'll leave with a few shots of the lovely exterior with the lights at night. I highly recommend visiting this classic of Old Town!
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Lynn @ Oh-So Yummy said...

I love the night shots! also, cool tip about the candy for kids. not applicable to me now but maybe in the future. we drink margaritas instead :)

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