Sunday, September 20, 2015

OrderUp Taking Take Out to New Levels

With the fast pace of our lives these days, and so many people needing delivery and service just to get through the act of putting dinner on the table, it's a blessing to have so many options for getting our meals delivered or to just pick up food on the way home. 

With this fast pace, and contributing to it in some ways, is the App Culture in which we live. So many things can be accomplished with a few taps of a smart phone. Our email checked, a driver called, and now....ordering in a meal! 

OrderUp is a new service recently launched in San Diego, with a host of restaurants participating. No longer is take out a chore, one can simply pick out their restaurant and menu selections from a handy, easy-to-use, app on their phone.

Sound enticing? Let me sweeten the deal for you. OrderUp has created a special deal for San Diego Dining Dish readers: All first time orders get $10 off all orders over $20 with use of the promotional code SDDISH. Check out what OrderUp has to offer by downloading the app here! Offer is good through November 7,  2015.
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Unknown said...

I took a peek at this today, but I got that "Sorry, We're not in San Diego, CA yet." Do you know when this will be available?

San Diego Dining Dish said... was working for me. Maybe there aren't any restaurants delivering in Pt. Loma yet?

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