Friday, October 23, 2015

ART San Diego 2015 Coming Up!

ART SAN DIEGO Contemporary Art Show, taking place Nov. 5-8 at the Balboa Park Activity Center, announces its lineup of specially curated programs including Art Labs, the LaunchPad Program and Spotlight Programs. This year’s curatorial theme is [META.MORPHOSIS],exploring the ever-evolving landscape in San Diego. ART SAN DIEGO is known for showcasing cutting-edge talent, artistic expression and diversity through an array of multi-faceted programs—this year is no different.

These programs provide a dynamic experience for attendees, allowing them to view and interact with works created by leading international artists, experience leading museums outside the museum walls, and enjoy exhibitions that showcase the thriving art landscape of San Diego.

Art Labs feature specially curated projects by several leading San Diego-based art institutions, alternative spaces, and universities within the show. Major Art Labs this year include:

·       TIMELINE PROJECT—[META.MORPHOSIS]: San Diego’s Evolving Art Landscape
The Timeline Project will depict a retrospective of the past and present San Diego Art Prize recipients. The 120′ x 8′ wall will be built by ECOR Noble Environmental Design, with the graphic design created by students from the Media Design School of Digital Arts at NewSchool of Architecture & Design.

Tickets are available at here.

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