Monday, October 5, 2015

Buona Forchetta

As many regular readers may know (or not know) by now, I am forever in search of the perfect piece of pizza. Does that mean that there is one perfect slice? Heavens no! There are many perfect pies in San Diego alone! Like Caffe Calabria, PizzaRev, Urbn Pizza, Fillipi's , and so many others. And I'm here to add another! 

Buona Forchetta is located in one of the cutest, swankiest neighborhoods in San Diego proper - South Park. It is loaded with cute boutiques, hair salons, and of course, eateries! The day of our visit, it was hot, hot, hot! As residents know, September is probably the hottest month of the year in San Diego due to the hot winds of Santa Anas blowing westward. It is miserable some days, and downright dangerous others to be outside for any stretch of time. 

However, such was our desire for pizza and some relaxation from the stove, we braved the outdoor seating (all of the indoor tables were smartly taken) for some authentic Italian pie. The servers were very sweet, but BUSY! It seemed that everyone in SD had the same idea.

We started with a glass of barbera to split (because you can't eat Italian pizza without wine - duh!) and ordered some calamari as an appetizer. I was antsy because I was hot, tired, and hungry, not to mention worried about how my almost 1-year-old (at the time) would behave at the restaurant. But I remembered our trip to Italy, and how the Florentines told me to relax, so I sipped some ice water, and enjoyed the hot plate of exquisitely fried squid in front of me. 

 The calamari was some of the best I've had, and I'm quite a squid enthusiast (that might be the strangest sentence that I've typed in recent time). Big curls of lightly fried, seasoned squid, served with delicious marinara -- it's perfect summer food. 

Where was the pizza, and what kind did we order? Proscuitto, buffalo mozzarella, arugula, and parmesean -- called the Sergio on their menu. It was some of the best pizza that I've ever had. The crust had the perfect consistency of airy, doughy, and crunchy. The toppings were fresh and the salty ham just synced with the crunchy greens. I'd order this again, even though I'd love to try a different pizza next time. The wine was so good that we ordered another glass!

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