Sunday, November 8, 2015

Fall Food Truck Festival at Del Mar Racetrack

It's officially autumn in San Diego, with temperatures finally dipping below 80 degrees. After a long, hot summer, it is comfortable to go outside and really enjoy all that San Diego has to offer. One of the best events in which to partake is horse racing at Del Mar. I was lucky enough to attend a race earlier this year, with the excitement of peak race season upon us. However, the track is still open through the end of this month for Bing Crosby season, and it's a great time to catch a race, enjoy the weather, and relax at the beautiful grounds. 

This past weekend, the racetrack hosted the Fall Food Truck Festival, so of course, I was there. With LA favorites like Cousins Maine Lobster and local institutions like Chop Soo-ey, the event was not to be missed. Other interesting trucks in attendance were Black Sheep BBQ, Marcel Belgian Waffles, LouZiana Food Truck, New Orleans Food Truck, Pierogi Truck, That's What Cheese Said, and The Buffalo Truck

After much debate, we were lured by the authentic lobster rolls made by the Lobsta Truck, with lobster and just butter on a very buttery bun! Biting into that sandwich was just like heaven. The lobster was meaty and plentiful, no skimping here! We also had a cup of their lobster bisque, because bisque is just always a good idea, and this one did not disappoint. Flavorful with a lovely texture and the slightly sweet, slightly salty bite of the sea, this soup would be perfection had the weather been a touch cooler. 

We were still peckish, so we had to go with an old favorite, Devilicious. Devilicious has been in San Diego for quite some time, and although their service can be quite tiresome (expect at least a 20 minute wait for your food), the food is quite spectacular. Their crabcake is one of the few that my Maryland-born-and-raised husband will consume, and I quite like it myself. Their fries are very good as well, and fries always round out a day of eating sandwiches so nicely, so we had to order some. 

Our bellies were bursting at this point, so we decided to take in some of the gorgeous scenery and racing. I'm not a sports fan at all, but I find myself becoming incredibly caught up in the contest of who is fastest when I'm in the thrills of race attendance. It's quite an enjoyable event, and a nice way to spend a weekend day. 
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