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Mission Federal ArtWalk Featured Artists Announced

ArtWalk is one of my favorite events of the year, and in keeping with the excitement, I thought I'd post an update about the artisits to be featured!  

The 32nd annual Mission Federal ArtWalk will take place on April 30 - May1, 2016. More information can be found at 

 During an event at the Westgate Hotel this month, Mission Federal ArtWalk unveiled the recipients of the third annual Artie Awards and announced the 2016 featured artists. Artie Awards recognize the supporters of San Diego’s lively arts scene and the annual Mission Federal ArtWalk event. Winners included Kevin Hellman, publisher of San Diego CityBeat; Angela Carone, arts and culture writer at KPBS; Alan Ziter, executive director at the NTC Foundation; and Jennifer Borba von Stauffenberg, president of Olive PR Solutions, Inc.

In addition to recognizing the Artie honorees, the eight 2016 Mission Federal ArtWalk featured artists were announced. These dynamic and talented artists were selected from over 350 participating artists at this year’s festival, and embody the immense creativity and passion that Mission Federal ArtWalk has become known for over the past 30 years. The featured artists are as follows:

A former engineer and business professional, Dave Ness found his passion behind the camera by capturing the peace he found in nature and sharing it with others. Since 2007, Dave has participated in numerous art shows and his work has been featured in various galleries in California. He touts his ability to utilize camera techniques that capture an impressionistic representation of a scene giving his work its calming and healing effect on those who enjoy it.   

Deanna Rae is a sculpture artist whose inspiration derives from her years growing up on a working ranch where she cared for and trained young horses. She earned her degree in Equine Science and traveled to Spain in her last year where she had the opportunity to study some of the greatest artistic masters and immerse herself in the culture. Upon returning to the U.S., she continued to pursue her artistic interests and studied figurative drawing, which translated into expressive movement in her sculpture.

Known for her detailed cross-hatching pen and ink drawings, Desarae Lee was born and raised in the Rocky Mountains of Utah. Many of her pieces find the light in the darkness and the idea of walking between good and evil continues to affect her work today. While studying art education at Brigham Young University, Desarae began to experiment with many different art mediums but her exposure to very prominent illustrators introduced her to her true voice in pen and ink. She continues to explore themes of beauty in decay and light in the darkness while pushing her work to ever more complex depths.

Irina Negulescu was born in Romania and began secretly drawing on the walls behind her family’s furniture or the back covers of books since unlined paper was scarce and very expensive. Her art continued to take priority through her academic career where after high school she was accepted into a prestigious art school, Scoala Populara de Arta in her native city of Constanza graduating with honors.  Irina immigrated to the U.S. in 1989, where she continued her studies and became a citizen in 1994. Since then, her work has appeared locally and internationally on television shows like HGTV and in print in various magazines and newspapers. She attributes being raised during harsh years of Communism with her ability to capture the soul and essence of her subjects, especially children and the female figure. 

Originally from New York, Leslie Pierce spent years of her childhood at the Natural History Museum where her father worked as a scientist. Her early exposure to museums and special exhibits influenced her choice to become an artist. She is motivated by contemporary culture and the rapid pace in which information and images are absorbed. Leslie relocated to San Diego in 2014 and has been expanding her series called “Code Defied,” which focuses on how this information hits our retinas and the different ways images can be reduced, re-assembled, translated and interpreted by thought. If something is left out of a story or an image, our brains automatically fill in the rest. The series includes paintings, video art and multi-media installations. In addition to being a working artist, she teaches painting and drawing classes.
With no formal art training, Lynden Saint Victor started to paint as a way to deal with a transitional time in his life in 2002. He considers himself more of an illustrator and a storyteller where he can express his journey through life onto the canvas. He believes that expression through his art was his calling that took him years to accept. In 2003, the first formal presentation of his work resulted in a sold out show, media coverage, multiple gallery offers and a publishing contract. Lynden is also an internationally syndicated cartoonist under another name.

Before graduating Cum Laude with a fine arts degree and a concentration in Psychology from Boston University, Sarah Stieber spent time living and painting in Venice and Florence, Italy, inspired by the Masters’ works that blanket the cities. Sarah’s artistic talent flourished at a young age, winning national art competitions as a child. Today, her contemporary style of electric realism is a spectacle of saturated colors, a kaleidoscope to her world of wishful seeing. Her work shines a brilliant light on daily life, depicting her subjects in a moment of overcoming adversity, achieving the mindfulness and playfulness that reality often corrodes. From her studio in San Diego, Sarah has created custom work for global brands such as Marriott International and Effen Vodka; her vibrant paintings are featured in art collections both nationally and internationally.

Theresa Kwong started her professional career as an architect after receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture from the University of California at Berkeley. She spent over twenty years creating 3-D objects on a macro scale, but a career shift into metalsmith allows her to continue creating 3-D objects—this time on a micro scale. Theresa had the opportunity to study under numerous masters at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts and is inspired by various organic forms like a blooming flower or seashell or tensile structures like the San Diego Convention Center.

The 32nd annual Mission Federal ArtWalk will take place on April 30 - May1, 2016. More information can be found at
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