Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Recipemaker App

Have you ever been to someone's house, had a meal, and wished that you could have that person cook for you at your home? Or perhaps you love to cook, but no one for whom you can cook? 

We're in the midst of a "sharing economy," with Uber and Airbnb edging out taxis and hotels by offering better, less expensive alternatives. The sharing economy just got better with Recipemaker. Soon to be an app, this service allows home chefs to make and sell meals for pick up, or for busy people to order take out from their neighbors! 

Home chefs are welcome to offer their specialties for a fee. The customer pays through a credit card, then the amount is paid to the chef every two weeks. It's a pretty simple process, and will be even easier after the launch of the app! 

To sweeten the deal, San Diego Dining Dish readers get a $20 gift code to try this new service.

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